Cloudy Water and Paint Like goo on Filter?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Cloudy Water and Paint Like goo on Filter?

Postby Squerl101 » Mon 11 Jun, 2012 10:59

Hey guys, I just registered here, and I want to know what is wrong with my water. I had been going with one brand of chlorine. Then, I switched the chlorine brand to see how I liked it. After shocking the pool on Saturday, the water turned cloudy. I thought nothing of it and went to bed. Sunday morning, it was settled at the bottom of the pool. I stirred it up, and the cloudy water was back. Then I checked the filter. There was a white paint like substance on it. It doesn't smell like anything. I also noticed that there was powder/film on the beach ball that sits in the pool too.

Because it is so hard to meet the requirements to post pictures here, I have the direct links.

Chemical readings are all off balance after the water got cloudy. I've got High ph (8.4), no ppm (Free Chlorine), High Alkalinity (240) and Good ppm (Stabilizer). The no chlorine part is not normal. The pool smells VERY MUCH like chlorine.

If you have an answer/solution, PLEASE REPLY. Thank you!

TSH Tech

Cloudy Water and Paint Like goo on Filter?

Postby TSH Tech » Tue 12 Jun, 2012 03:46

No free chlorine and the chorine odor is a tell-tale sign of chloramines escaping out of the water along with the milky color. First, bring your Ph down by adding a small dosage of liquid muriatic acid.(16oz per 5000 gallons) Then you're going to have to re-super-chlorinate the pool to shock the pool out of it's chloramine overdose and within 2 hours or so, everything should be up to par again.

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