Intext Salt Water Pool with SERIOUS iron issues

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Intext Salt Water Pool with SERIOUS iron issues

Postby jbaize » Sat 16 Jun, 2012 12:48

Ok, so this is the first time since I was a teenager I have a pool.. We have a 16x48 intex salt water pool. We filled it with well water (mistake #1) I just wasnt ready to fork out the money for a water truck this year (only because we are paying for our wedding)So the water was brown, we put in the metal out stuff that was supposed to remove it so I could vaccuum it out. Well that didnt work, so then I added some more stuff I think it was called green to blue. That worked, now I have ALL this iron chunky crap on the bottom of my pool, and I clean it and clean it and it just wont go away :evil: . I am filtering the backwash and running water through 2 additional filters. I have burned through about 5 filters and random other items trying to clean it out. I am about to drain it and say see you next year when I want to pay for a water truck... Does ANYONE have ANY ideas that will help us.. It is beinging to be more of a hassel than anything. I mean I am still floating in my pool, but we do not "swim" in it. HELLLLPPPPPP!!!!

TSH Tech

Intext Salt Water Pool with SERIOUS iron issues

Postby TSH Tech » Sun 17 Jun, 2012 13:55

Yeah, well water has got to be the worst.

There is one more metal remover you can use that isn't messy; CuLator products offer a pouch that you put in the skimmer and what it does is absorb all harmful pool water minerals. At some point the little pouch gets full and no longer absorbs, in which, you throw another one in the skimmer until the harsh metal is gone.

During the summer months, swimming pool water evaporates meaning, you will need to top off your pool to the water level does not get low. If you are using well water, this is sort of self defeating if all you are going to do is put more minerals back into the pool. I would suggest some sort of hose water purifier attachment to top off the pool so you don't get metal back into the pool.

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