Robot poolcleaner astralpool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Robot poolcleaner astralpool

Postby mike_ledis » Wed 20 Jun, 2012 11:33

Hello and congratulations for the forum. As you can see i just registered . I am thinking of purchasing a robot poolcleaner.I did a reasearch and i decided to buy one of the following models:

astralpool max5
astralpool max3

Can anybody give me review for those?


Robot poolcleaner astralpool

Postby iaindgordon » Thu 28 Jun, 2012 01:29

Hello from South of France,
I recently bought an Astral Max3. It is going back today because :
1 Does not clean whole pool
2 Slips on the tile surface and gets stuck in the deep end
3 Does not clean the surface well
4 Seems to create an enormous amount of fankle in the cable due I think to only turning in one direction

I have had one other robot a Zodiac which performed much better but only lasted 2 years and the cost of replacing the motor was in excess of a new purchase

I am now looking at Aquabot T2

Best of luck

iain gordon

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