Not opening pool this year

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Not opening pool this year

Postby poolworries » Sat 23 Jun, 2012 13:47

I can't afford to run the pool this year. So it's just sitting there with the cover on. it's an inground concrete pool - pretty big with a curved shape. DE filter.

What do I need to do/buy to keep it hygeinic? - someone said I need to buy a pump and still add chemicals?? Also I know that there is quite a lot of debris in it from last year because a lot of trees and bamboo overhangs the pool and I didn't have time to net it out before the pool guys came to put the cover on and close the pool in fall 2011...

So that's the state of play. Things are getting hot here ...will the pool get infested with mosquitos??. Please I have no idea what I need to do and no money to pay someone else to do it. Also will probably have to sell the house soon so I don't want the pool to be ruined through neglect - it's such a worry..

Thanks for any advice.

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