NO Circulation in Skimmer Basket

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NO Circulation in Skimmer Basket

Postby Bluddfartt » Mon 25 Jun, 2012 14:51

I currently have no circulation of water in the skimmer basket. I cleaned the filters and the pressure is running at 10 psi. The skimmer basket has water in it but there is not suction.

TSH Tech

NO Circulation in Skimmer Basket

Postby TSH Tech » Wed 27 Jun, 2012 00:34

- did you accidently close a pipe valve that differentiates "skimmer" and "floor drain"?

- turn your pump off. pull the skimmer basket out, at the bottom of the skimmer there should be a plastic part that shaped like two saucers stuck together. Pull that plastic part out. put the skimmer basket back into the skimmer. turn your pump on. If you see water moving, that plastic piece you pulled out is most likely broken. It's called a skimmer float valve.

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