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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Dead Algi

Postby roz » Sun 25 Jun, 2006 11:15

Hi everyone

I am a new pool owner and new to the site.

We bought a house with a pool about 30 yrs old. when we moved in pool was up and running , we bought a new pump last summer and a new filter last month. we have [b]DEAD ALGI [/b]in the bottom did 2 applications of Flocit which turned the Algi white vaccumed but are still getting a bit in when the filters on.

My Q??

Does anyone know how many applications it should take to get rid of this stuff and as we have not had the pool over 70 degrees and had No live Algi where is it coming from? Tried the pool service experts they don't call back.


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