Above ground pool step problem

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Above ground pool step problem

Postby chinst » Sun 01 Jul, 2012 14:18

I have this step enclosure kit. However, the ground level in and out of the pool is different and the ladder is not sitting properly. I planned to dig a bit of a trench outside for the steps to sit in to make it level, but then realized that the wall of the pool was too high for the connecting step at the top to sit all the way down on the inside half of the stairs. Someone suggested I put 2x4's under the inside half of the steps, but i certainly didn't want to put wood in my pool resting on my liner. I was looking around for some sort of pool-safe plastic slabs that i could put sand in and rest under the in-pool side, but couldn't find anything that works. The inside steps need to sit about 3 to 4'' higher. Does anybody have any advice or suggestions?

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