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Wasps in pool

Postby ahchampion » Thu 05 Jul, 2012 14:16

Hi! I'm new on here and found the forum during my research on wasps in my pool that last lasted now for weeks. It has been four weeks since I've been in my pool due to the hornets and wasps taking over it. I bought some waspinators, but they only work for the hornets (which it has worked). Now I'm dealing with red wasps and paper wasps. I've read on here about putting in Dawn detergent, which I'm willing to try. I tried it earlier today and it is working on most of the wasps, but some are still landing and flying. I don't think I've put in enough and they are finding a spot that isn't affected by the detergent yet. Does anyone know how often I need to put it in? Every day? Any other suggestions to reclaim my pool?! Thanks!

TSH Tech

Wasps in pool

Postby TSH Tech » Sat 07 Jul, 2012 04:13

*facepalm* :? (laughing) ok, don't put anymore Dawn dishwash soap into your pool. Any dish soap or detergent does not belong into swimming pool water.

I don't claim to be an insect expert, but in all my experience in dealing with pools and wasps/hornets, more times than not, there has been a nest close-by. Large quantities of wasps/hornets means a big nest somewhere close, or multiple nests. Lay out many traps but when you find the nest and kill them, your wasp/hornet problems are pretty much solved.

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