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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby 2butterbeans » Fri 06 Jul, 2012 12:36

I need to replace my skimmer on my above ground pool 30 foot round and I need to know if I can replace my skimmer with the water in the pool ? I know I have to drop the level below the skimmer but I don't know if the liner will pull down with the weight of the water or it will split ? Have any of you guys replaced your skimmers ? What happened ? Is there anyway to hold it in place while putting the skimmer in ? Thanks for the help.

TSH Tech


Postby TSH Tech » Wed 11 Jul, 2012 02:17

Yeah, drop the water level below the skimmer and then you can replace it. It's usually a 1 person job if they are experienced. It's best to have an assistant to hold the skimmer while the other attaches the gasket to the face plate, starts assembling 4 corner screws to hold it into place. Try and ensure the liner is smooth, any wrinkles will guarantee leaks.

Also keep in mind, if there are any shutoff valves that can close off your pump/filter circulation, use them! What will happen is, when you cut or disconnect the hose from the swimmer, if you have a water return line that is still under water, back-flow will start pouring out where you made the disconnection.
If you don't have any shutoff valves, go to a hardware store and get some inexpensive pipe rubber plugs or corks that will fit inside the diameter of your return line(s). Other than that, it's pretty straightforward.

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