Skimmer basket

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Skimmer basket

Postby biteme » Sat 14 Jul, 2012 19:14

My skimmer basket got sucked down into the skimmer and I can't get it back up. help

TSH Tech

Skimmer basket

Postby TSH Tech » Mon 16 Jul, 2012 01:58

Interesting, must have been a very flimsy basket or some serious leaves packed in there to suck it down. Check to see if your skimmer float valve isn't broken or the float isn't full of water.

Anyhow. Make sure the pump is OFF. Get a small flathead screwdriver or something that will slip through the basket holes. Stick the driver through the basket near the top of the rim and pull up in a circular motion, so the basket gets pulled up evenly and not come out crooked. Don't pull it up from the bottom unless the worst case is apparent.

Worst Case
If the basket isn't budging and it appears like it is jammed in there solid. Prepare yourself on buying a new basket. Grab a bigger screw driver or wire cutters and just start cutting/break loose the old basket and just take it out in pieces.

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