Liner out and rebuild?

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Liner out and rebuild?

Postby mkharrell » Tue 17 Jul, 2012 19:12

Looking at buy a house that has a nice pool about 15x40 that has a liner. I was wondering how much would it cost me to take out the liner and have it cemented or what ever it's called???? at this time we haven't gotten a answer as to how old the liner is..... Thanks for any and all advice...

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Liner out and rebuild?

Postby czechmate » Wed 18 Jul, 2012 22:28

It all depends on type of plaster, amount of preparation needed, depth of pool and how dependable crew you willing to hire. I personally would not do it i summer. High season for the contractor and a hot weather will cause hairline cracking too fast, before your final fill.
Range of cost is probably 4000.00- 7000.00 marcite to DiamondBrite.

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