Searching for pool answers..PLEASE HELP!!!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Searching for pool answers..PLEASE HELP!!!

Postby AngiSimpsondotcom » Sun 05 Jun, 2005 08:45


My husband and I are going to be looking into getting a pool with the next year -year and 1/2. i am starting my 'research' now because we are first time poolowners.

I have seen alot of contractors that will give you quotes on the internet and have thought about calling a few places, but I don't feel we are 'that far along' yet. then I found this forum!

I was wondering if anyone (I have seen a few pool sales and gurus on here) can anyone give me a 'round about' price for the pool we want. Here is some info to help get a 'semi' accurate price range:

we want a beach entry..(which means gunite or concrete only, right?)
not a big pool..more of a play pool (no kids..not having any so the pool will be more of a 'relaxation' place for me and my husband)
I dont want it to be over 6 feet deep at the deepest point.

we would like a smallish jacuzzi (that could hold four) comfortably
pavers around the edging ...we live in Florida and have heard that the cement decking cracks pretty bad.??

we will be doing the landscaping around the pool...with palms and such so I really only want the 'beach entry' to be where the most 'concrete' is...

basic lighting (not the changing lights or fiber optic)

pool size I would say around ??? 15x30? or 12x25??
like I said I am very new to this and have no idea if that size is what is considered a 'play pool'
something I can float in a raft on while my husband does as well....and if we have 2-4 friends over something we can all 'lounge in' no laps or diving neccesary...freeform look...lagoony, I guess...but cozy and not deep!

what does my dream pool sound 'do-able' for to all you 'poolies' ? ;)
thanks in advance for your help!

Also, My husband and I need to know some good pool companies to contact..I have been reading all of these HORROR stories about pools not getting done, pool guys not getting back w/you after u have paid a substantial lump sum and yards in disaray for months on end!!! i am starting to get worried about our whole pool project!

please list any places around my area that you liked or did not like so I can have a starting base. I have no one in mind as of yet....but plan on talking to a couple neighbors and clients of mine.

any and all advice is welcome!!!!

Angi :D
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby Suzianne » Wed 08 Mar, 2006 00:57

Hi, I'd recommend checking out swimmingpoolbuyerguide there's a lot involved in getting a pool! good luck! :D


Postby poolsideservices » Wed 22 Mar, 2006 15:35

Probably a good idea to check co.s with your local Better Buissnes Bureau before getting a bid from them. Remember you get what you pay for, most of the time. Good luck


Postby Rick » Fri 19 May, 2006 05:14

Sounds like you are right where we were a few months back. We live in South Georgia (moved up from key West after Hurricane Wilma). Well, we wanted to recreate a small Key West feel. Starting next week or project will begin. We have chosen a fiberglass from San Juan Pools that is the size you mention and incorporates a spa too. The product is called "Mandala Bay from the medium pool size category. Basic package is about $25,000. After talking to several contractors, we chose a local one whom we liked. He is slightly more expensive than some others, but he seemed to work better with us and also will do some additional landscaping and patio work for us. The slightly higer price seems like a worthy trade off since we feel we can work with him the best. Good Luck

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