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I'm new here
I'm new here
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garden hose

Postby roz » Sun 25 Jun, 2006 18:27


We want to run garden hose on roof to heat 16x32 inground, does anyone know what the right way to conect to pump would be?

Please help

Thanks Roz


Postby Guest » Tue 17 Oct, 2006 19:47

the easiest and cheapest way to help heat your pool is to throw a sump pump in the pool and hook it up to a black garden hose. then put the outlet end back into the pool. it dont matter if the flow is slow, that just gives the sun llonger to work. the longer the hose, the better it works. it warms quicker if you put something black, like tar paper, under it. if you want to get fancy, make a wood box and put the hose in it and cover it with glass. this holds in the heat and warms the water faster. be sure to turn it off when the sun goes down to avoid losing your heat.

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