Can't Get Rid of the Green Pool Water

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Can't Get Rid of the Green Pool Water

Postby DEANNA FISH » Mon 23 Jul, 2012 13:25

I have tried everything to clean my pool free of algae. I have shocked it, I have put super algacide in it.Put alacalinde in it, brought ph up. put chlorine in it. Cleaned everything from the pull to the pumps. When water is tested looks clear but the pool water still has a green color. HELP ME

Problem: algae?? 1 month

pH: 72
TA: 80/120
CH: 3

My pool: 15' x 52
Pool chemicals:
My pump & filter: sand filter
Other info:

chem geek
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Can't Get Rid of the Green Pool Water

Postby chem geek » Tue 24 Jul, 2012 20:58

If it's a clear green (not cloudy) then you may have metals in your water and need to add a metal sequestrant.
The green alien in my pool

Can't Get Rid of the Green Pool Water

Postby The green alien in my pool » Mon 09 Jun, 2014 10:45

Have tried every chemical possible to change green water.Including massive shocking. 14' foot intex pool. 3400 gallon. Pump working fine. Will have to drain but not sure I want to refill anticipating same thing will happen again. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Did you refill again without having green water the 2nd time?
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Can't Get Rid of the Green Pool Water

Postby est1980 » Wed 16 Jul, 2014 12:24

Im having the same problem as you, twice in as many weeks, first time i just started over, it had only been up 9 days, let it down gave it a good clean and refilled, its now been up since friday and every time i check on the pool its getting worse, shocked the pool again this morning and left the pump running all day but its made no difference

Its not been paticulary hot, weve not had much rainfall, this is the first year ive had this problem, usually i just do the basics with the pool, all other summers all ive done is shock the pool when first filled then had a floating chlorine dispenser, water had always stayed clear so not sure why any different now

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