Grey spots in pool

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Grey spots in pool

Postby siebreezy » Tue 24 Jul, 2012 06:49


My pool water is clear, but after it is not used for a day or 2 and the water settles , I get gray cloudy patches
on the bottom of the pool. As soon as you get in and swish the water around they disapear. When you touch them with your foot, there is nothing there??????? Does anyone know what this is ?????????????

Thanks !

TSH Tech

Grey spots in pool

Postby TSH Tech » Thu 26 Jul, 2012 21:06

My fist guess is, it's possible this is either filter D.E. or ultra fine silt.
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Grey spots in pool

Postby Barolac14 » Wed 17 Oct, 2012 05:12

You have to pump all water out of the pool and after pool's bottom dry make it clean & clear from unwanted green. Also use calcium, potassium and other chemical ingredients to keep water away from harmful threads.

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