Algicide Use

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Algicide Use

Postby adcon2 » Wed 25 Jul, 2012 12:39

We have had our in-ground pool for about 4 years. I do all the water testing and maintenance. Every time I buy any chemicals at any pool store, I am always asked if I'm going to buy algicide and I give the same answer every time. I explain to them that the pool chemistry in my fiberglass, salt system pool is absolutely perfect and my water is crystal clear so I don't need algicide. About half the time the clerk just drops the subject, but the other half of the time the clerk will explain that there is dangerous algae in my water that I can't see but could harm me and my family.
I don't know any qualified people to ask, can't find anything on line, and don't trust the pool store sales people, so any help in answering the question, do you have to add algicide to a pool with perfect chemistry and pristine appearance?
Thank You

chem geek
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Algicide Use

Postby chem geek » Thu 26 Jul, 2012 02:45

You can't tell the water quality by the appearance. Algae won't matter since it's not unhealthy, but bacteria can be a problem. However, if you maintain a Free Chlorine (FC) level appropriate for your Cyanuric Acid (CYA) level, then you can prevent not only bacteria growth, but also algae growth, using chlorine alone. There is no need for algaecides, phosphate removers, clarifiers, flocculants, enzymes, etc. There are tens of thousands of pool owners on multiple pool forums maintaining their pools using chlorine alone, usually with chlorinating liquid or bleach or a saltwater chlorine generator. Read the Pool School for more info.

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