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Postby justclc » Thu 28 Jun, 2007 12:00

Sorry, I forgot that part earlier :oops: I have a 5500 gal Intex inflatable


Intex 8110 clorinator 91 problem

Postby bj » Sat 07 Jul, 2007 11:34

I have had the same 91 problem with two Intex 8110 units. The first was under warranty and was replaced. The second unit started the 91 problem several months after putting it into service. As many of you have found, Intex told me I could not fix the problem and would have to buy an new unit or start using tablets again.
Well the unit would not perform anyway, so I proceeded to find out what I could do to fix it. It does take some technical ability but I think now people can do the following. This is not a guaranteed fix, but it did work for mine.

If you attempt this, I am not responsible for any damage, and it will void any warranty from Intex.

CAUTION: Unplug the unit while the dome is removed. There is HIGH VOLTAGE present when it is plugged in.

I removed the cover from the control unit. There are wires connected to the cover, so be careful not to pull them loose. There is a printed circuit board mounted to the base of the unit. On this PC board are three adjustable resistors that are sealed with RTV. I carefully removed the RTV from the first resistor “RV1” and turned it counterclockwise. When turning the resistor use a small screwdriver and only move it a slight amount “CCW”. This seems to have taken care of the 91 problem for now. I have not tested this for a long term as yet, but the machine did not go into alarm after several hours. I will see if it last for the summer.

This will put the unit out of calibration for the 91 alarm, so check you chlorine and salt levels and along with other chemicals and adjust them as needed.

I hope this helps someone. I had no results from Intex when requesting customer assistance.

Postby Guest » Mon 16 Jul, 2007 13:10

I have the same Code Error. I had my water tested at the local pool store and my chemicals are in balance, calcium isn't too high, plenty of salt.

I did everything recommended in the maintenance section of the book (even though the titanium plates were clean).

I called Intex and they are sending me out a replacement.

Also, they have a ladder recall for pools 42" and above bought between 1/2006 and 2/2007. They are sending a replacement for that as well.

I printed out this "fix" and will keep it in the owner's manual just in case.

The CSR couldn't give me any preventative maintenance recommendations. I'm going to try to inspect and hose it out weekly, and have my water tested before I hook up the replacement.

When it works, its great. My water is crystal clear, even in the GA heat.

Postby greg » Mon 16 Jul, 2007 19:01

are they recalling this unit ?

8110 piece of crap

Postby Susan » Wed 18 Jul, 2007 19:13

I bought this 6 weeks ago and it hasn't worked yet. keep getting low salt. Sure would like a fix.
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I'm new here
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intex 8110 fix

Postby edjones72 » Mon 30 Jul, 2007 18:25

Has anyone received the fix for the "91" trouble code from pool hacker. I'm having the same problem that I can not fix. If anyone has figured a way to bypass all the codes that stop chlorination that would be fine, also. Any help would be much appreciated. I would hate to go buy another unit and have the same problem. Mine is just out of warranty and I do not want to buy another one and get only 14 months of use from it. Thanks!! :?
I'm new here
I'm new here
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8110 intex fix

Postby edjones72 » Wed 01 Aug, 2007 19:42

I have been battling the "91" demon for a couple of weeks without solution. I have checked and double checked my salt level, cleaned my plates, and tested the plates with a battery charger. I decided today to bypass the onboard controls and make it work by just plugging it in and I think I succeeded. I tried adjusting the resistor as mentioned in a previous post without benefit. When I pulled the cover off the control housing there are four screw connections on the left side of the circuit board. With my Fluke meter I determined two screws to be the entry point to the printed circuit of approx. 42-44 volts from the transformer, capacitor, and rectifier. The other two are easy to trace to the cell plug to power the plates. After verifying polarity, I moved the in coming 42-44 volts to the same screws with the leads going out to the cell. I am currenty generating chlorine. I do not know what this will do long term but I had nothing to loose. Tomorrow I will go in search of a good outdoor GFI timer to control the unit. This is a simple change that is also easy to undo. Also, I noticed the plug to the cell will fit both ways. That makes cleaning the cell a simple plug flip and a little run time. This thing is simply over engineered for what it does, I feel. They could leave out the salt detecting circuit and just go with a timer and an overload breaker. I can test my own salt.

reading of 91

Postby loupee » Thu 02 Aug, 2007 06:06

Hi, please please post the fix to the reading of low salt code 91.


code 91

Postby kenwood » Sat 04 Aug, 2007 20:49

Chalk up another frustrated 8110 generator with the dreaded 91 low salt error code. I have adjusted the VR1 resistor as mentioned and tried the recommended vinegar soak from Intex. I spoke to a rep yesterday who seemed incapable of understanding that their is a design problem with this model. Mine is about 15 months old and I have to keep shutting it off and resetting only to have it error 91 about an hour later. Any ideas what a consumer can do to get them to repsond correctly like a recall on this unit.
Frustrated pool user.
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I'm new here
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intex 8110

Postby edjones72 » Sun 05 Aug, 2007 20:26

Has anyone purchased an 8110 recently? I was just curious if newer ones have the same issues. Have any improvements been made? Mine is dated early 2006. The modification I made is still generating chlorine but I have to use an external timer. I would possibly buy a new one if they had actually made updates. Thanks!!

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