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WHat Intex said today

Postby densvxer » Fri 14 Sep, 2007 20:44

Intex has me sending it back for yet another unit grrrr Any thoughts on my delemma? Thanks Todd in Littleton

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Low salt Error

Postby shelcan » Sun 16 Sep, 2007 22:15

Like everybody else, my Intex 8110 started giving me the low salt error after about 5 months of use. I called Intex and they sent me a replacement, so hopefully it wil last longer, but I do not have high hopes. I tried adjusting the resistor on my old one, but that did not help, so I tried wiring it directly as suggested by a previous post, but this ended up frying my transformer, so now it does not work at all....oh well, it was worth a try...If my replacement one goes out, I am abandoning the Intex brand and I guess I'll either try another one or just go back to chlorine. Thanks to everybody for supplying the fixes that worked for them, but unfortunately it looks like nobody has found the magic fix for all of them yet

Intex chlorine Generator problems

Postby DTD » Tue 09 Oct, 2007 18:03

I am on my second unit and the thing just quit. The problem seems to be in the timing mechanism as I was able to jumper the pump motor directly from the switch and it pumps fine. If I can figure out what DC voltage the generator requires I will direct wire it as well. ANYONE KNOW THE DC VOLTAGE REQUIRED.
Great Pool.......Terrible Pump/Generator. Wonder if Lucas does their electronics??

8110 generator

Postby kenwood » Thu 15 Nov, 2007 10:24

A follow-up....I wrote a lengthy but somewhat cordial letter to Intex about my failed salt generator but as expected I got no reply or even an acknowledgement back on it. Needless to say they are not very customer related friendly and it's a shame as their pool and most accessories are great products but they fail to see that this salt generator is a lemon. I even invited them in the letter to visit this web site and read the blog's on this unit. I guess it's back to the drawing board or dare say chlorine method.
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I'm new here
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Error 91

Postby Bronco_Guy » Tue 25 Dec, 2007 20:07

Hi all,

I am on my 2nd 8110 after Intex replaced the first unit i sent back. I'd have to say, they both pretty much followed the same failure behavior: first intermittant errors 91, then a constant error 91. Neither cleaning the plates nor addition of salt to the pool had any effect with either unit.

I was wondering if any of you have new information for correcting this problem, or success using any of the suggestions by others with the same problems.

I, like many of you, are disappointed and a little ticked off at the unreliability of this product. I will say, though, it was priced competetively when I bought it. Had I known this unit was a complete POS, I would have kicked a couple of more bills in for a better unit.

Thanks for any replies, and good luck if you own one of these things.

Intex 8110

Postby BArnold37 » Thu 17 Apr, 2008 11:51

This forum has been a real eye opener! I am getting my 22' AG pool ready for the summer, and would like to convert over to a salt/chlorine generator. The 8110 seems very simple and is competitively priced. It appears, however, that the only reliable thing about it is the failure rate. This system seems to be more headache than function. I also have issues with spending money with a company that repeatedly and deliberately ignores its customers. I am looking for alternatives to the 8110, but prices are almost double for the next cheapest units. Does anyone have any suggestions on a reliable, yet cost effective system?
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Postby Strannik-au » Fri 18 Apr, 2008 00:41

Reliability costs money ;)

How many liters is your pool? Or what's the dimension and shape of it?

The dreaded "91" Intex code

Postby megabytes » Tue 20 May, 2008 15:47

I am on my 2nd Intex Chlorine Generator. The first one started giving me the 'Low Salt" code at the end of it's first season. I kept adding salt & adding salt until I figured something was wrong and took a water sample to my local pool store. My salt level was over 6000ppm. Had to drain off half the water and refill. Intex replaced that one under warranty. The second one only worked for about 3 month and the same thing happened. I got the old one back out and fiddled with the calibration screws inside, and got it to finish out the season. This year neither one of them worked. I found this site and read all the postings. I hooked up the new one, turned back the first set screw about 2 notches, & so far it is working. If that quits working I will hard wire it as someone else suggested. Some one should start a class action law suit against Intex for selling knowingly defective merchandise.

Postby megaglow_z » Wed 21 May, 2008 23:06

From what i have read, if there is to much salt in the system, it will cause the power unit to fail.
It even states this in the manual.
I have a feeling this unit is having a lot of reported problems due to its price being low, and A LOT of people being able to own it.
I just ordered one, i will be watching for the timer issue, and will be sure the pump is running at least 30 Min's before and after the cycle.

I am an electrical engineer and general fix it guy...if it messes up on me, its a piece of junk, and they will get a piece of my mind :)
8110 user

It worked for one week; battery booster quick fix

Postby 8110 user » Tue 27 May, 2008 05:57

I have the 8110 and it stopped working after only one week. We would unplug the unit after the chlorinator process was done along with the filter pump. The next day plugging them both in and setting the 8110 up using the control panel it only ran for 1 hour and then the display would not come back up. Followed the troubleshooting guide and reset the power etc to no avail. Called Intex and they said to fax them a letter with copy of the receipt to process a warranty claim and I would get a replacement unit sent to me in 10-14 days.

So in the meantime I didn't want to ruin the water by having to add liquid or granular chlorine which is what Intex said to do....defeats the point of having a saltwater system! Took it apart and checked the fuses on the main board. I read this thread and that you can bypass the computer by joining the output screw terminals to the DC power terminals (I am reading about 24v not the 42v a previous poster listed). Powered unit back up and now not getting any DC voltage. The transformer must have gone as I'm getting no voltage from it now.

Quick fix: I connected a portable car battery booster to the electrolytic cell's posts and it works. So just 12 volts DC will get it to work. At least now I have a temporary fix until I get the replacement in the mail. Now to find a wired transformer that I can use with as timer....

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