Intex 8110 Chlorine Generator Fix

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Intex 8110 Chlorine Generator Fix

Postby ClickPimpsta » Mon 08 Jun, 2009 17:01

91 errors mean you don't have enough salt. it's not enough to just add salt, though. you have to let it dissolve and leave your filter running so it'll circulate it and mix evenly in the water. I kept getting 91 errors too, in the beginning. This little generator has its quirks, but once you figure it out, it works like a champ. Add salt, and let your filter run a good 2 hours minimum, THEN turn on your 8110. I use mine on a 24'x52" intex agp in conjunction with a 2 HP swimming pool pump & 22" sand filter I got on eBay ( ... =824&kw=lg">), and they work together wonderfully.


Intex 8110 Chlorine Generator Fix

Postby rachara » Tue 09 Jun, 2009 09:44

clickpimpsta I have had my salt circulating for 2 days and I still get the code. My salt level is perfect when I check it with my strips. I have a 12X24X48 intex have had it for 4 years and this problem with the 91 code started last season and is now continuing. Hubby has tried everything we've read on this post to no avail.

HELP! anymore suggestions anyone??


Intex 8110 Chlorine Generator Fix

Postby ClickPimpsta » Wed 10 Jun, 2009 10:17

I had the EXACT same problem this season when I first powered it up. I added like 6-8 60lb bags of salt (talk about overkill) in the beginning and kept getting the 91 error. I removed the hoses and took a look inside, and lo and behold... there were HUGE chunks of salt (or calcium, not sure which) build-up on the metal plates. I took it to the carwash and blasted it all out (be careful not to break the flow detection switch). Hooked everything back up, and then the 92 error started (too much salt). I drained out about 1/4 of the pool and refilled, and it's been working since.

So take a look inside and make sure you don't have the same build-up I had on mine. That would prevent the unit from correctly reading the salt level in your water.

Intex 8110 Chlorine Generator Fix

Postby rudy » Wed 10 Jun, 2009 12:01

I have two 8110 generators... My problem was calcium build-up @ both ends of Titanium cell... I removed cell & cleaned per owners manual by soaking in vinigar... I used wood popcicle stick or thin plastic (NO metal, scrapes off coating) to help remove heavy deposits & between plates, garden hose spray with cone shaped nozzle (small hole at end) had enough pressure spray clean... Units work like new again (then I had to reduce pool salt which I added when 'low salt" 91 code first appeared, code 91 also = check cell).

Intex 8110 Chlorine Generator Fix

Postby Sirhandsome » Fri 19 Jun, 2009 03:01

The 1/4 CCW turn seems to have done the trick for ME.
I complained 8 months after purchase, about the code 91, & Intex sent me an entire new 8110 unit.
So, being the pack-rat that I am, I stored the old one.
The replacement went code 91 on me (after two years in storage) so I tweeked the one in storage & so far so good.
You guys are GREAT!
I was ready to buy a new one (although I would have kept the other two).
Hasta luego y buena suerte !
:{ jmg

Intex 8110 Chlorine Generator Fix

Postby Intexuser1 » Sun 21 Jun, 2009 16:55

redfed90 wrote:My 8110 has been terrific for several years now. Startin up this year I am getting the 91 code even though I know there is plenty of salt in the pool. I would be interested in the "fix".

We've had the same problem. Drove us nuts. We took samples of our water to be analized and we had enough salt. We'd cleaned the cells several times. The cells looked fine. No matter what we did code 91 would show. Then we noticed page 20, point 7 in the manual......

"If flushing does not remove the deposits on the plate, then disconnect the cell from the base by removing the 4 mounting screws (05CG-03). Disconnect the flow sensor from the top of the cell and unplug the electrolytic cell cord. SOAK THE CELL IN A VINEGAR SOLUTION FOR 2-3 HOURS and then flush with high pressure water from the garden hose". etc.

Note that unplugging the electrolytic cell cord is a bit of a task, but it will come off. Also, it's a good idea to mark "top" on the top of the cord so you know which way to plug it back in.

It turned out that in the corner of the cells, in a spot you'd never notice unless you took the cell off the base, there was a fairly large deposit of calcium.

It's working fine now. And I'm looking forward to a salt water pool summer.

Intex 8110 Chlorine Generator Fix

Postby new2me » Mon 22 Jun, 2009 17:20

The Intex 8110 reverses polarity on the cell after every so many hours, so it doesn't matter that you put the cord back on in any particular orientation. Making sure that the cell is clean is best done with it removed, so that you can look inside it easily, and thoroughly. Don't be tempted to use any mechanical force to clean it(DON"T use a wire brush!!) DO check your water chemistry, its best to maintain a negative CSI(calcium saturation index.) I've found that a circle of plastic cut out to fit inside on of the union fittings (there were extra that came with mine :) allows me to seal one end of the cell to hold the cleaning solution. A baggie and a rubber band also work, but failure is easy, and messy!
Phil Longford

Intex 8110 Chlorine Generator Fix

Postby Phil Longford » Thu 25 Jun, 2009 15:23

At least I have never had the 'low salt' code. Last year, pool was immaculate. If my memory is correct, you could smell the chlorine, and see a misty colour from the pump. Also, I think when the operation was complete, the green light below the LED display came on. Now, although the codes show it is working normally, there is no green light, no smell, no mist, and the water is going green. Is the generator knackered?
mad poolman
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I'm new here
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Intex 8110 Chlorine Generator Fix

Postby mad poolman » Sat 27 Jun, 2009 17:27

Xlav8r wrote:Hey , the "CODE 91" fix was said a while back regarding resistors. pull off cover carefully, both the flow sensor and cell power cables exit the case making lifting the plastic case difficult but manageable. look for three adjustable resisters, one above the other. They are marked (or mine was) VR1, VR2,and VR3 on the circuit board. they were black and about the diameter of a pencil eraser with a small Philips (+) adjustable head. The head was locked with glue? but it can be scraped off. The original suggestion said to turn the VR1 resister a quarter turn CCW. This did not work for me but I added an additional quarter turn CCW (now half a turn CCW) and it is back working as it did originally. I will keep an eye on my salt content to keep at 3000ppm as suggested in manual.

My salt readings were 3200 PPM when the CODE 91 was coming up, so ive added salt in small doses. My readings are 3600 PPM - I have now returned 3 brand new units. I got fed up & started looking through blogs - I tried this procedure as stated by you and its been 30 mins with chlorine still being generated. My fingers are crossed for this one & I wonder if the other 3 units could have been fixed this way. THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU.
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I'm new here
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Intex 8110 Chlorine Generator Fix

Postby wiki » Sun 28 Jun, 2009 04:00

when you first start your pool put chlorine in to bring up levels chlorine i mean then start ur generator and if u get error 91 low salt clean ur cells first take off ur cell and clean with vinegar soak or hard water spray then try again but first try spray with pressure and u have to take cell off to spray good it really does make difference

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