Hell Water

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Hell Water

Postby boop » Mon 30 Jul, 2012 15:35

This is my 2nd year of this pool. THe 1st year I learned about iron in the well water turning brown. So this year I was going to do better. When we set the pool up this year it started to leak at the bottom on the seam where we couldn't fix it. So we drained it & set up another pool just like that one. I put the pool magnet in right away & started cleaning the filter as soon as I put chlorine in it. Even though when I had the water tested at the pool chemical supply store it said there was no metals in the water. I cleaned the filter 2-3 times a day, lower the ph, put the algaecide in, used clarifier, shocked. Now my water turned green & I was told I had mustard algae. So again with the banish & chlorine. It is now milky white at the end of July. I have never had clear water & I am ready to give up. It has turned into a money pit. If anyone has any ideas please let me know before I shoot the pool!

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Hell Water

Postby lindadadson » Thu 10 Jan, 2013 05:45

My research for water water monitoring was getting more aggressive when I was unable to find the solution of the problem I had. I want a water treatment and monitoring kit. I own a house with 2 bathrooms with Jacuzzi tub.
These are the parameters I am concern of :

Dissolved oxygen
PH Value
H2S Ratio

I need help in H2S treatment most of all. This cause unpleasant odor that really irritates me sometime. Can anyone suggest me an odor oxidizer? I am afraid of just because of the use of it, but want to try once. Your suggestions are valuable to me as I am new to learn in this field. I also want to measure optical characteristics of water with the help of a turbidity meter.

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