Steel sided pool panels rusting through

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: Gunnite bottom, original porcelain covered steel panel sides with joints 4' o.c. Shallow 3-1/2' deep 8' approx. One skimmer and one main drain. Sand filter. Pool is approx 40 years old. Commonly referred to as an original 'Baker' Pool in the St. Louis area.
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Steel sided pool panels rusting through

Postby slimboreno » Thu 02 Aug, 2012 20:47

The original pool sides were porcelain covered steel. Old porcelain enamel was sandblasted off. Have painted/coated the sides and bottom with two component epoxy paint. Rust stains develop randomly around the sides of the steel panels. It appears that the steel panels are rusting from behind the panels and not from the pool/water side.

Is there a fix such as applying fiberglass type panels over the sides, leaving the steel panels in place?

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