New pool has a leak what now

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New pool has a leak what now

Postby Nathan » Tue 07 Aug, 2012 23:26

Ok guys and gals. We are at our witts end. Our 12 week pool installation is finally done. The pool is filled up with water. Tonight when I got home I noticed that a few of the pavers on the deck were sagging. They are at the deep end around the skimmer and down about 6 feet. We had some rain so I figured that the paver guys might have missed that end when they washed the air pockets out. No big deal so I scoop some paver base and pop up the pavers. I found standing water under the pavers. I was so mad I threw the shovel across the yard. I don't know what this means for structural integrity of the pool or if it will now be an ongoing mystery. We called and left a not so nice message at their office but where do we go from here? How do we make sure that is fixed correctly and for good?

Thanks so much

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New pool has a leak what now

Postby czechmate » Wed 08 Aug, 2012 08:03

Send certified letter to the company, describing the problem. Include photos.
Thi will lock in the time of the initial complaint should this result in litigation.
Pool contractors love to link structual problems on poor moisture maintenance around the pool, followed by pool settlement. Obviously this is too fresh contruction and after rain.
Do not get complacent and be firm.
You are the one without any experience how to handle this.
Contractors know how to approach their problems and how to stall.
There is plenty of honest builders out there, sure.
But as they say: Better save than sorry!
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I'm new here
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New pool has a leak what now

Postby MKuz14 » Fri 04 Jan, 2013 17:26

Nathan, I would take Czechmate's advice and keep your ducks more in a row than your builder. A second opinion from another pool professional may be a smart idea to defend yourself against excessive procrastination. He/She may enlighten you as to what you should expect of your current builder to do. You paid a big price to fulfill your dreams of a backyard oasis, not an after work headache. Best of luck to you with that!

As for standing water under the pavers... This raises a few questions. Does the pool lose water with and or without the filtration system running. If it does, than you may want to be concerned as to where that water is coming from.

Also, think back to where the pipes were laid, in relation to where the standing water is that you found.

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