Pentair MiniMax NT Board Diagnostics

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pentair MiniMax NT Board Diagnostics

Postby TravisAustin » Wed 22 Aug, 2012 21:16

I am posting this after an unhelpful call to Pentair technical support.

Our four-year MinMax heater has been working fine here in Texas. Recently an electrical storm resulted in a lightning strike next to a cottonwood tree adjacent to our pool deck. Several breakers tripped, incliding two on the subpanel for pool equipment. As a precaution, I had our electrician relace the affected breakers. h

At thye same time, the heater DDTC control when blank except for the Pressure Switch LED (which is illuminated). With DDTC LED's off (except for the Pressure SW) and the DDTC blank and switches non-functioning, the heater blower operates unless the internal heater switch is turned off.

I described this to Pentair support and was advised to replace the transformer. I did do with no change in heater behavior. My belief has always been the the DDTC circuit card is fried and should be replaced.
Ihave inspected the DDTC board, and observed no visible signs of damage. The caps on the board show no external swelling or failure.

Anybody wuth any thoughts or a similar experience.


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