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Pool vacuum issue

Postby dhawk52 » Fri 24 Aug, 2012 21:24

I am a brand new pool owner and I have had an enormous problem with green algae most of the summer. My pool was very green and cloudy. I hired a pool company and they were not able to make it headway with it. I finally went to Home Depot and bought some green to blue. I put it in the pool and let the filter run for a couple of hours and then shut it off over night (as instructed). The next morning the pool was clear and fairly blue, however, there was a lot of dead algae on the bottom of the pool. I hooked up the manual vacuum and began to sweep the bottom, however, the dead algae began to filter back into the pool through the jets. I have been told it could be holes in the filters (don't think so, as they are less than a year old and I have not seen any holes). I did notice a couple of small cracks in the manifold/bottom collector. Could this be it, or could it be something else?
Thanks for any and all information.


Pool vacuum issue

Postby RoseF » Sun 09 Sep, 2012 12:24

I was having a similar problem and was told that vacuuming the pool through the filter will allow very small particles of algae back into the pool through the returns. It was suggested that I vacuum the water right OUT of the pool...siphon it, basically, onto the ground...and then fill to the proper level with clean water. Just a suggestion.

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