Algae problems in swimming pool water.
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Postby sillystunt » Mon 26 Jun, 2006 15:17

we got an above ground pool and the water was beautiful! Well , here came the rain and my pool is soooo green. I have done everything short of draining it! I do not know what to do! The chlorine level and ph is right, I put algacide in it , shock, you name it! Thank god we didn't get an inground pool cause if i can't solve this problem THE POOL GOES! HELP ME SOMEBODY :(

cutz4alls Daddy

green water

Postby cutz4alls Daddy » Fri 07 Jul, 2006 21:41

ok heres the deal you have minerals in the water get these tabs called Ferritabs run the filter for 24 hrs vacum up the dead green Happy Swimming KISS KISS :P

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