White fog blowing out from return jets

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White fog blowing out from return jets

Postby Belize » Sun 02 Sep, 2012 18:41

My pool is salt water chlorinated and normally works excellent . Lately it has fogged up turning the pool to almost totally white . Chemicals are all good and where there suppose to be . After running the filter for 18 to 24 hrs the pool water almost clears up and then all this white stuff come out the return jets . To try and clear this problem up I have backwashed the sand filter every 6hrs. This has been going on for around 10 days with no luck at clearing things up. Could this be a build up of calcium in the pipes ( all underground ) or a problem with the filter ? I have even changed the valve. Is there some chemical I can use to clean the pipes to the return jets .


Re: White fog blowing out from return jets

Postby stickymission » Fri 07 Jul, 2017 20:00

Did you ever figure it out? We have the same problem

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