The green will not leave!

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The green will not leave!

Postby eicleepet1 » Tue 04 Sep, 2012 23:16

I am posting this for a friend. Basically, we've tried shocking it multiple times with many times the necessary dosage, and it will not clear up. She fills her pool with well water so I'm thinking part of the problem might have to do with the chlorine causing a reaction with minerals in the pool and creating a green color. However, when I did a little experiment and put the green water in a bucket with a ridiculous amount of chlorine, it did clear up. The ph and the acid levels were within range.

I am of the understanding that she should just drain the pool water, acid wash the pool and fill it with new water that's trucked in. However, she has been told by a know it all that the pool can actually pop out without the pressure. This sounds ridiculous to me... I believe that some cracking we may have to patch can happen, but that's it. The in ground pool is tiled.

So I decided to ask you pool experts out there and get a straight up answer.


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