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Guide to Swimming Pool Covers

Postby DohenysPoolSupplies » Wed 26 Sep, 2012 11:28

Explaining the Various Types of Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers are a crucial item for winterizing your swimming pool. Pool covers are mainly used to keep debris from falling into your pool and they are especially important in the wintertime. Finding the right pool cover can be tricky and will depend upon a variety of factors including the size and shape of your swimming pool, and what purpose you need the cover to serve. Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast has all of your pool winterizing supply needs to close your swimming pool, and we ship direct to your door--in some cases the very next day!

What are swimming pool covers?
The main purpose of swimming pool covers is to prevent objects and debris from falling into the pool. Swimming pool covers are extremely useful during the wintertime because pool owners want to cover their pool to prevent algae formation and damage to the pool when it is not in use.

What types of swimming pool covers are there?
The main types of pool covers are winter covers, solar covers, pool safety covers and leaf nets. There are two main styles of pool covers: mesh and solid.

What is a winter pool cover?
Winter pool covers are used to protect your swimming pool in the wintertime. Covering your pool will enable you to keep it your pool water clean and clear during the winter months. Winter covers also allow you to keep your water level mostly filled during the off-season. This is important to prevent damage to plumbing, groundwater pressure “popping” your in-ground pool out of the ground, or structural damage to an above ground pool.

Can I use a safety cover to winterize my pool?
Yes! In fact, many pool owners prefer pool safety covers because they have peace of mind if they have pets or small children. Safety covers are built to support weight; therefore, a safety cover will prevent poolside accidents. Safety pool covers are especially useful if you travel, since they prevent unwanted guests from easily entering your pool.

What is a mesh safety cover?
Mesh safety covers are designed to allow water and melting snow to sift through the mesh and drain into the pool. You will never need to drain your pool cover with a cover pump because the standing water will drain through the material into your swimming pool. Doheny’s mesh safety covers make opening your swimming pool a breeze in the spring by keeping your pool water clean all winter, and that saves you money on chemicals. Plus, mesh safety covers weigh less than solid covers making them easier to move when opening and closing your pool.

What is a solid safety cover?
Solid safety covers keep your pool the cleanest over the winter by preventing dirt and sunlight from contaminating your pool water. Unlike mesh safety covers, solid covers prevent sunlight and small debris from entering the pool. Heavy woven solid safety covers do not allow water to pass through, so they are built with a drain panel (or more for larger covers) to prevent standing water from accumulating. The drain panel has a built-in screen to prevent leaves, dirt and debris from entering your pool while draining the water. Pool cover drain panels prevent the need to use a cover pump to drain excess water off of the top of the pool cover.

What is a solar pool cover?
Solar pool covers are used in the summertime. The main purpose of a solar cover is to heat your pool and prolong your swim season. Solar pool covers harness the sun’s energy to help heat your pool and raise the temperature of your pool water. A solar cover can raise your pool temperature by as much as 15 degrees! Solar covers retain heat to keep chemicals from evaporating and dissipating prematurely. Solar pool covers float on top of your swimming pool and are not safety pool covers.

What is a leaf net?

Leaf nets tend to be used in climates where the temperature does not drop below freezing or in colder climates over a solid winter cover. They collect leaves and debris, but allow rain to drain through the mesh into your swimming pool. Leaf nets, by collecting leaves and debris, make spring pool opening a breeze! If leaf nets are used in conjunction with winter covers and safety covers, then they should be removed when the leaves stop falling and before heavy snowfall.

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