Skimmer leak from crack in bottom

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Skimmer leak from crack in bottom

Postby Tdraym12513 » Wed 26 Sep, 2012 13:16

I found a crack in the bottom of my skimmer where the pipe to the pump is attached ( pvc glued) I used some 2 part epoxy and sealed the crack and watched for 2 days w/ the weir blocked of watertite and no lose of water from the skimmer or drop in level of my bucket test, Ok very good, turned pump back on ran a couple of days no sign of water lose w/ bucket test still in place ,OK great all set. Closed pool for winter. Now what I want is to find the best sealant, adheshive or self leveling material to put over the whole inside bottom of this skimmer to stop any water from leaking out if the crack ever gets any bigger or 2 part epoxy ever gets brittle or seatleing could cause, This skimmer is only 6 yrs old w/ the vinyl lined inground 18 x 36 pool. I could even put a new peice of Abs plastic over the bottem of the skimmer and extend the threads to the 1/4,3/8 sealed plate ,any suggestions please for the best sealant or other ideas, Can't just start digging up the pool to access the skimmer to replace will lead to new concrete, liner , and who knows how much more, Thanks, Tdraym 9/26/2012

TSH Tech

Skimmer leak from crack in bottom

Postby TSH Tech » Sat 29 Sep, 2012 01:50

Ultimately, a complete skimmer replacement is needed here, but if you say this is not an option then there's two options I recommend that will buy you some time.

Option 1 -
Marlig Industries Inc. makes a product called "Fix A Leak" in a 32oz bottle. For a skimmer leak repair with water still in the skimmer, you can pour some Fix A Leak into the skimmer and wherever the water is leaking out, the Fix A Leak will go creating the seal. You may need two or three treatments until the leak stops.

Option 2 -
This is a little pricier than the Fix A Leak option, but nowhere near the cost of a complete skimmer replacement.
Drain the pool down just enough until there's no water in the skimmer. The skimmer needs to be dry and clean. Get a paint can of white Olympic Epoxy Pool Paint - Zeron System by Kelly Technical Coatings and 1 small can of the catalyst. This is a 2 part pool paint epoxy. In a small disposable bowl or bucket, mix a scaled down ratio of paint and catalyst, stir it thoroughly and let it set for about 15 minutes before applying. Take a paint brush and paint the bottom of your skimmer with the epoxy coating. Once you're finished coating with epoxy, it needs to dry and cure for exactly 1 day. Then you're ready for to refill the pool.

Hope this gives you some options to think about and try.

Skimmer leak from crack in bottom

Postby Guest » Sat 06 Oct, 2012 09:05

Thank You for your help, This is what I was looking for the best product to use to cover the 2 part epoxy I already used to seal the crack, Some waterproof product to put a coating over everything to help seal better, Thanks Again

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