White Chlorine Puck Stains?

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White Chlorine Puck Stains?

Postby Zmiranda » Wed 26 Sep, 2012 14:07

We had a huge wind storm last week and tons of leaves were blown into our brand new blue gunite pool that we had just opened in August. After cleaning them out, there were lots of organic stains on the bottom of the pool. I searched online to try to find a way to get rid of them and came across a forum telling me to put a chlorine puck on top of the stain and it should help the stain fade away. I put a puck on top of one of the stains in the shallow end on one of the brown stains for about a day. When I removed the puck the brown stain had vanished but so did the blue in the plaster. There is a white circle on the bottom of my pool where the chlorine puck was and over the past few days since removing the puck the circle it hasn't seemed to be fading or going away. Is this a permanent stain? The rest of the organic stains have faded away and I really wish I left it alone. Is there any way to make it turn back to blue?

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White Chlorine Puck Stains?

Postby chem geek » Wed 26 Sep, 2012 20:24

Using a Trichlor puck to remove an organic stain is only done for white plaster surfaces and the puck is only left on long enough to remove the stain. With a colored surface, you bleached out the dye in the plaster due to the low pH and high chlorine level from the Trichlor. It's permanent, at least from easy solutions. Others may have techniques for either removing the surface plaster to get to some below that might still be colored or may have techniques for re-dyeing the plaster.

In many cases, organic stains can be removed by just maintaining the chlorine level higher for a time, say at shock level where the Free Chlorine (FC) is at 40% of the Cyanuric Acid (CYA) level. Using a Trichlor puck is a last resort and only for white plaster surfaces (and for a limited time).

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