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Guide to Pool Cleaners

Postby DohenysPoolSupplies » Thu 27 Sep, 2012 15:18

Explaining the Various Types of Pool Cleaners

Swimming pools need to be cleaned regularly. Pools will become filled with algae and bacteria without proper maintenance and removal of debris and dirt particles from the water. Selecting a pool cleaner can be a big undertaking. There are many different types and they are quite complicated and strange-looking if you don’t understand how they work. Don’t worry! Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast’s Pro Guide blog series is here to help. Remember, you can get low prices and speedy same-day shipping on all automatic pool cleaners from Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast’s website!

Automatic Pool Cleaners

What is an automatic swimming pool cleaner?
Automatic pool cleaners are a great investment for any swimming pool owner. Not only will an automatic pool cleaner save you time and energy, but most will remove dirt particles in the water that are smaller than the human eye can detect! Automatic cleaners skim the bottom and walls of your pool to remove algae formation. Unlike handheld pool cleaners, they run automatically require little to no supervision depending upon the type and model.

Are there any special considerations to note when buying an automatic pool cleaner?
In-ground pool cleaners and above-ground automatic pool cleaners are often designed differently. Above-ground pool owners should purchase equipment manufactured specifically for above-ground swimming pools as their construction differs greatly from in-ground pools. Aqua Critters are a favorite among above-ground pool owners.

What are the different types of automatic pool cleaners?
The three main types of automatic swimming pool cleaners are robotic cleaners, pressure cleaners and suction cleaners. They function differently and vary in price and amount of effort required by the pool owner.

What are robotic pool cleaners?
Robotic swimming pool cleaners have their own filtration system which acts independently of your pool’s filter and pump. This is like having a secondary cleaning method for your pool. They scrub, vacuum and clean walls, floors and even in-ground pool steps. Most robotic cleaners have either a remote control or a timer, which greatly reduces the time you will spend on pool maintenance. Although they are slightly more expensive, this type of cleaner is the fastest method of cleaning your pool and requires the least amount of user effort. Aquabot robotic swimming pool cleaners are pool owner favorites because they are extremely efficient at cleaning small particles and leave your pool water sparkling clean!

What are pressure pool cleaners?
Pressure cleaners bring automatic cleaning convenience that doesn’t compromise your pool’s filtration system. Pressure cleaners attach to the return (or pressure-side) of your swimming pool. The return is where the water enters your pool after passing through the pool filter. The pressure from the return is what propels the motion of the cleaner around the pool. Debris and dirt is caught in a filter bag, which looks very similar to a traditional vacuum cleaner or lawnmower. Pressure cleaners like the Polaris 3900 are capable of cleaning pool floors, walls and steps.

What are suction pool cleaners?
Suction swimming pool cleaners work by attaching to your pool skimmer or a dedicated side port in the pool. The suction created by the pump creates the movement of the cleaner and the removal of dirt particles and debris from your pool. Some suction cleaners like the best-selling Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner clean pool walls, but some suction cleaners only focus on cleaning your pool’s floor. Suction cleaners are the most affordable type of automatic cleaner but require some set-up effort from the pool owner. You’ll find plenty of automatic suction pool vacuum cleaners and save with Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast!

Handheld Pool Vacuum Cleaners

What is a handheld pool vacuum?
Handheld pool vacuum cleaners are great for spot-treating pool stains and targeted cleanups since you can direct it where to clean with your hands. Handheld vacuums are also ideal for cleaning hot tubs and spas, since other robotic and automatic cleaners will not work in intricate spaces. They are also handy in small pools and will help simplify the cleaning process. They are typically less expensive than automatic cleaners since they require your assistance. Certain products like the Aqua Broom are particularly useful since they don’t require any hoses, filters or electrical connections, thus making pool cleaning is a breeze!

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