Skimming fine grass clippings

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Skimming fine grass clippings

Postby rftt » Tue 02 Oct, 2012 00:38

I'm looking for one of those "tricks of the trade". My pool is adjacent to a golf course that reseeds every year. As part of the reseeding process, they kill off the "old grass" and then cut it very short and fine and vacuum it up creating much fine grass clippings and dust. The generation of the dust goes on for a couple weeks and the clippings / dust tend to either float on or near the water surface in my pool.

I have a pool with pop up cleaning system and it takes hours and hours to get all the fine particles to flow through the skimmer basket and filter system to clear the water. Then of course the filters get full of the dirt / clippings and have to be cleaned again.

Is there some way to get most of the particles out of the pool before running the cleaning system to reduce the burden on the system and cut down on the run time ? I tried using a couple different leaf and debris skimmers but the fine particles seem to just go through the netting.

Thanks for any suggestions.

TSH Tech

Skimming fine grass clippings

Postby TSH Tech » Tue 02 Oct, 2012 22:02

I cringe at this notion. I'd have Apache helicopters guarding my pool against the gardeners.

A net is for anything in the leaf category. For fine particulates floating on the water, or that occasional pollen silt in the corners of the pool, I use the Pelican Pro Silt Rake on my service truck.

Skimming fine grass clippings

Postby rftt » Thu 04 Oct, 2012 09:53

Didn't know there was a silt rake ---- I'll look for it . Thanks
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Skimming fine grass clippings

Postby czechmate » Thu 04 Oct, 2012 13:55

I use the contractors grade, deep black dip net secured at the wall.
Prop it in almost 90 degrees to the gunite wall secured to the overhanging rail at the wall steps, by a short bungee cord. It is at the spot where 1 foot wide flow of debris will enter the wide mouth of the net.
Too often, the same debris would flow right pass the skimmer entrance due to smaller suction, especially at higher water level.
This application works regardless of the water level.
It will not work with the cheap shallow dip net!

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