Algae growing between tiles only

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Algae growing between tiles only

Postby richclarkee » Tue 27 Jun, 2006 03:24

Hi everyone, new pool owner. Below ground 6x4m, here in Sunny Spain.

Seemed ok for the first few weeks. Ive now switched to the 4 chemical tablets because Ive noticed algea [well i guess it must be] starting to discolour between the tiles in patches on the walls and floor. The floor water is crystal clear but its starting to worry me.

Can someone give me a simple step by step process to try, Ive tried scrubbing/hoovering then running filter overnight but. It comes back in places every few days.

All suggestion welcomed. Regards.


Black in between tiles.

Postby witsend » Sat 15 Jul, 2006 04:01


Hello richclarkee

I live in Spain and I have exactly the same problem as you. I have tried everything to get rid of the black in between the tiles. I did have a pool man and he kept the black clear. I finished him cos I wanted to do the pool myself and save 74 euros a month. One pool shop recommended chlorine granules dropped over the patches of black. This does work for a time but then the problem comes back in a couple of days. I have also tried the algaecide, which didn't touch it. There must be something I can get to solve this problem. Its almost as if it is a trade secret and the pool men don't tell you because they want you to use them. Is there anyone out there who knows the answer to this problem.

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