Low pressure when vacuuming

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Low pressure when vacuuming

Postby SKP Fairways » Sat 03 Nov, 2012 02:57

I have an in ground overflow pool. This week when I connected the vacuum hose (free of air) into the suction outlet the water in the pump basket holder goes down by around 35%, the pressure on the filter guage falls from around 12 to zero before slowly rising to around 5 after a few minutes. The water never fills up in the pump and the vacuum pressure is low. The suction from the outlets is very, very strong. Have cleaned the pool for around2 years without this problem. What do I do?

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Low pressure when vacuuming

Postby CGPoolman » Sat 03 Nov, 2012 11:21


If everything is running fine until you plug the vacuum in - start there. Check for any clogs or obstructions in the vacuum or the hose. Check the hose for any cracks/breaks that could be pulling air when the hose floats at the surface. Check to see if the hose is collapsing. If it is, you may have too much suction going thru the hose and need to open up one of your other suction lines a little to relieve some of that suction in the vacuum hose.

skp fairways

Low pressure when vacuuming

Postby skp fairways » Fri 09 Nov, 2012 23:11

Thanks for the info. Have checked the hose and can find no problems, it does not 'collapse' if you mean bends under pressure, it floats on the surface of the water. Have managed to get the pressure up to about 9 instead of 12 and there is only a small amount of water short to filling the pump basket. Any other ideas?

Don't know if it could be related but I discovered a few weeks ago that not all the floor inlets were open. This was due previous repair work to a water leak in the pipeline when the worker needed to close all the inlets to repair the pipe. Although he assured me he had reopened them all, this clearly was not the case. I reopened them all, one in particular immediately spewing out lots of debris. However only 50% of them have water flow through them. This has been the situation for more than 1 year, long before the vacuum presuure problem. Could there be any connection?

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