Good pool temp.?

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I'm new here
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Good pool temp.?

Postby Kurt » Tue 27 Jun, 2006 09:05

Just wondering if there is a recommended temp. for keeping the pool at. I have a propane heater and the previous owner of the house had it set at 87F this seems a little high, however that water is nice!!

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby kccats » Tue 04 Jul, 2006 01:35

You are the one to give that answer.
It's up to how much you are willing to spend on heating the pool.
87 is real nice, but your bill won't be.
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I'm new here
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Postby cbswh » Tue 18 Jul, 2006 20:47

You'll get 4 different answers to that, just in my household! I like it about 82 to just cool off and float around in - my son, who actually swims laps, says that's too hot - while my wife and daughter think 86 is about right.

Postby LauraLee » Wed 26 Jul, 2006 15:08

I think 84 degrees is perfect, too warm is not refreshing when you want to cool off but you don't want chattering teeth from the cold!
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby bbmfkp » Tue 22 Aug, 2006 09:53

I live in the south so i'm use to warm water. If mine falls below 88 its too cold. :D

Postby Wolp8 » Fri 01 Sep, 2006 12:32

84 is perfect for our household. Anything above that feels more like bathwater and - while nice - not in the least refreshing anymore.
80-82 is still fine, once you got your body dunked in.

But everybody will give you different answers. My friend doesn't go in her pool unless it is at LEAST 90 degrees!!

Set your heater to 80 to start and see how you like it. Then up it 1 degree at a time until you find the perfect temperature. Find the lowest temperature you can so you won't shell out big bucks in heating it when you could do with a lower temperature.

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