Best way to plumb diving pool for heater?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Best way to plumb diving pool for heater?

Postby markhas » Tue 13 Nov, 2012 16:30

I am planning to install a heat pump with chilling option for my inground diving pool in Phoenix AZ. I will use a solar blanket when heating the pool.

I would like to make the system as efficient as possible and was told that I may want to replumb my main drain back to the pump area. Currently my main drain is plumbed to the skimmer which may not provided the best circulation when heating. This is a concern of mine since the diving pool is fairly deep.

I believe my installer may also have been suggesting to reverse flow of the main drain when heating.

If I don't replumb the main drain will the heater only heat the top of my pool?

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Best way to plumb diving pool for heater?

Postby czechmate » Wed 21 Nov, 2012 13:15

Yes, the heater will heat the top water. That is also the area where most people swim. That is also how 99.9% pools in the US are piped in. Heaters have usually 75 % by-pass. Only 25% water coming in thru inlets is heated. Since warm water will rise to surface anyway, I miss the logic putting the warm water on the bottom. Remember one basic of the water warm up in the inground pool. The concrete wall will be cooling your water until it will aquire the same temperature as the water it contains. That applies all year long. Therefore trying to warm up the 12" thick bottom is a waist of time and money. Since you will loose a lot of temperature overnight, it is best to heat where you swim!

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