Losing prime when cleaner connected

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Losing prime when cleaner connected

Postby 2572Daz » Fri 23 Nov, 2012 23:55

This one has me beat, my pool pump is sucking air only when the cleaner is connected therefore not cleaning.I have checked the hose and replaced it , checked and re lubed all the o rings on the inlet, lid and 3 way valve on the suction side checked all connections which seem to be ok. What should I be checking now????

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Losing prime when cleaner connected

Postby mas985 » Mon 26 Nov, 2012 16:57

2572Daz wrote: checked all connections which seem to be ok.

What exactly does that mean?

There is higher suction (lower negative pressure) when a suction side cleaner is attached so it is very easy to get air leaks where there were none before. All of the locations you mention are suspect so I would take another look at those just to make sure. Another trick is to use shaving cream on the joints to see if you can tell where the air is getting sucked in. 9 times out of 10 it is the pump lid so pay particular attention to that.
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