Filter problem

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Filter problem

Postby Marko48 » Sat 01 Dec, 2012 12:01

When vacuuming pool I notice some very fine dust coming back into the pool. I have cleaned and checked the filter. There does not seem to be a problem. The filter canister is a Hayward and has 4 filter cartridges. Please help!

Thank you .

TSH Tech

Filter problem

Postby TSH Tech » Sun 02 Dec, 2012 04:30

Hi Marko

The problem you are experiencing with fine and ultra fine particulates is a common problem with cartridge type filters, when vacuuming. The only sure way to remove fine dust when vacuuming is to bypass the filter and let the water run out into the lawn or drain, so the fine dust never recirculates back into the pool. Then when you are done vacuuming, circulate the water through the filter system normally.

There's nothing wrong with your cartridge filters, they simply cannot filter out particles in the fine to ultra fine micron category, which is why it blows back into the pool. It's simply the nature of the beast when it comes to cartridge filters.

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