Solar Roof Leak from Air Vent

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Solar Roof Leak from Air Vent

Postby surfcitybill » Mon 10 Dec, 2012 23:05

Hello to All. My first post. I'll try to be brief but if more details are necessary please let me know.

I have had my pool for over 12 years. Inground, 20' x 40', approx 30,000 gallons. It is heated by roof mounted solar panels. Recently, I started getting some "spillage" coming off the roof out of the air vent which is normally used to allow drainage when the system is turned off. I did not notice any excessive pressure in the filter out of the ordinary. Sometimes this spilling or leaking would occur, sometimes not. It would take @ 30 minutes after the pump was turned on for this to start happening. I changed out the air vent and thought that might have been the problem as it stopped the problem for a few weeks but now it occurs within 5 - 10 minutes of the pump being turned on.

What's frustrating is that this happens even when I have the solar system completely turned off and supposedly by-passed by the diverter valve. I recall once being told that even when the solar is diverted (off) that some water is still sent to the system but I can't understand why enough water or pressure would be on the roof when the system is turned off to cause water to flow from the air vent.

Anyone have any experience with a problem like this? Or perhaps suggest some troubleshooting solutions?


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