Pool Sand Filter leaking

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Pool Sand Filter leaking

Postby jjccs97 » Tue 08 Jan, 2013 08:20

Hi, I have a Monarch Ecopure Sand Filter F25 model. It was about 7.5 years old and I replaced the sand about 2.5 years ago. Recently, when the filter was on, there was a lot of water coming out where the Flange Clamp was. I replaced the O'ring and tightened the flange clamp but the leakage continued. Do I need to replace the flange clamp or what can I do? Thanks.

Jeremy Devereux Pool Troubleshooter

Pool Sand Filter leaking

Postby Jeremy Devereux Pool Troubleshooter » Tue 19 Feb, 2013 21:04

Hi there. Not sure if you have received a reply yet, the links are all screwy.

The Monarch Ecopure is pretty robust, haven't heard of them leaking there before, but then I have seen this on heaps of other filters.
Could you have put in too much sand leading to excessive back pressure? What is the guage showing? A 25inch Ecopure should run at around 75kpa without the Kreepy on and around 59Kpa with it attached.

You can try replacing the clamp, but it seems unlikely. Those clamps are tough. It could be a warp in the bottom of the muliport valve or mike likely a malformation at the top of the tank. In which case you are best throwing it away and starting again.

Hope this was of some help.

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