PLEASE HELP! Skimmer panel split all the way up

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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PLEASE HELP! Skimmer panel split all the way up

Postby inblueparadise » Wed 09 Jan, 2013 18:45

We have a huge problem. I live in upstate, NY. My father went to get something from the shed and we noticed this happened to our pool. What can we do to at least temporarily fix this/do something so the entire pool blows out. I'm a girl and know nothing about any of this stuff and am posting this for my Dad. I'm thinking ice caused it because it expands and there was a crack in it prior, that was fixed/reinforced by wood/some steel thingy on the bottom where the concrete/stone is bordering the pool. Also, it's an Esther Williams Pool that is 15+ years old.

TSH Tech

PLEASE HELP! Skimmer panel split all the way up

Postby TSH Tech » Wed 09 Jan, 2013 21:16

Yes, ice splits above ground pool walls. This type of damage split is common with freezing climates.

As long as the water is frozen, it's not going anywhere, but you want to save that liner from getting punctured at all costs. Go to the hardware store and ask for the heavy duty and most sticky duct tape they have. The reason is, regular silver/grey duct tape doesn't always stick for what I'm about to explain to you next.

Carefully, and without cutting yourself, take the duct tape and cover all the metal jagged edges that appear to be touching the liner. Apply the tape so it folds over the ripped metal part of the pool wall, covering the sharp edges. Cover all the jagged edges with the tape. The key here is to keep the soft vinyl liner from rubbing against the sharp edges and tearing the liner.

As long as the water stays frozen, you're fine, but soon as spring sets in and the iced pool water begins to melt, you are going to have to drain the pool for the wall repair. You will have to move quickly on this because the weight of the water will want to pry against the liner at the broken spot, and since the liner cannot hold back all the weight of the water in that torn section, it will tear and burst. There's no possible way to fix it filled, it will only burst on you moving a repair bill into a whole new pool.

So, 1) tape up the edges 2)drain any water ASAP before, and as the ice starts melting 3) make your repairs in the early spring

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