Pool resurfacing standards

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Pool resurfacing standards

Postby Marty » Fri 11 Jan, 2013 15:14

Is their Professional Standards for the resurfacing of pools? I had mine resurfaced last April. Over the months brownish types of stains were showing thru the plaster all over the pool. We tried brushing and no good. I am *spamm* about the cleanliness of the pool so that's not it and chemicals are perfect. I called the contractor and they did a water in acid bath. It lightened up some but it still was very poor. They then came out, drained the pool and did a physical acid bath and still no good. Then they came out with sanders and sanded the whole pool. It lightened up a lot of the problem and in the sun you really can't see much at all. When shade hits the pool or with the pool light is on it pops out everywhere and appears we have a couple of what looks like rust stains. I know they want to come over during the day and not really be able to see it and dismiss any further action. Do I have any recourse? I spent about 5 grand for this work and I'm thinking they are going to want me to live with it. Can anybody throw me a bone here? What can I do? I will appreciate all help you can provide. Thanks, Marty

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Pool resurfacing standards

Postby czechmate » Sat 19 Jan, 2013 20:07

For the starters, you can tell us where is your pool. US, Spain, South Africa. I will gladly list the common procedure, but will not make sense if the pool is in Australia. I only know what is the standard in the US.
Also were you, or anyone present to supervise from day one? It is important to know what they did and not what they told you "they did"!

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