How to use household bleach in pool?

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How to use household bleach in pool?

Postby poolfilters » Fri 18 Jan, 2013 06:26

I have a 18 by 4 foot intex pool and need to know how much reg bleach and anything else to use that's cheaper my husbands out of work need to save money just now adding clean water.

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How to use household bleach in pool?

Postby chem geek » Fri 18 Jan, 2013 12:06

See the Pool School, especially the Beginners Guide for Seasonal/Temporary Pools. You can use The Pool Calculator to calculate dosing. You'll need to add some stabilizer/conditioner (Cyanuric Acid, CYA) to the pool first, but can do that by using Dichlor initially as described in the beginner's guide.

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