Major air pockets in inground pool liner around sides/floor

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Major air pockets in inground pool liner around sides/floor

Postby dastatie » Tue 27 Jun, 2006 21:31

We recently, about three months ago, had a 18x38 in ground pool installed. We have had about 6-8 inches of rain the past four days. I noticed tonight that our liner all of a sudden has gotten large pockets of air behind it in various locations. Neighbor said it might be pressure due to the water table increase. If so, is this something that occurs and what will it take to fix. I contacted the pool company but it is 1030 at night and will not get a call back until around 9AM. Just trying to get some ideas of what to expect.

Thanks for any and all help/suggestions.


air pockets

Postby butkusmi » Sun 16 Jul, 2006 19:25

You have water under your liner. It will seep out slowly but can leave wrinkles on the floor. If this happens often, consider a sub pump by the side of the pool some 4 - 5 feet deep and a place to drain the water away from the soaked ground like a street.

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