Ortega Check-Valve Replacement

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Ortega Check-Valve Replacement

Postby rssunde » Sun 27 Jan, 2013 20:29

My question is what type of check-valve should I use to replace an Ortega check-valve?

My pool and equipment are at ground level and the spa is 1-1/2 feet above the pool. One pump is used to filter the system.

There is a 3-port Jandy on the suction side with one port coming from the spa drain and the other port coming from the pool skimmer/drain. There is a Spears swing check-valve before the Jandy valve on the line coming from the pool. The common port of the Jandy goes to the pump.

From the pump the line goes to the DE filter then to the heater and then returns to the pool.

The return line connects to the common port on a second 3-port Jandy valve. One port of the Jandy goes to the pool return and the other port goes to the spa return. The Ortega check-valve is glued to Jandy port on the spa return line. This is the check-valve I'm having trouble figuring out what to replace with.

I'm going to replace the existing 1-HP single-speed pump with a Pentair 1-HP two-speed pump along with all the valves, above-ground lines and electronics. I have purchased two new 3-port Jandy valves and two new 180 degree Jandy check-valves. My original thought was that the Jandy check-valves would replace the Spears and the Ortega check-valves in the new system. For sure I can replace the Spears check-valve on the suction side with the Jandy. However, I'm not so sure I can use the Jandy check-valve to replace the Ortega.

Upon reading the Jandy instructions for the check-valves, it appears I cannot replace the Ortega check-valve with the Jandy check-valve because that would require the water flow to go down the flapper. That is listed as WRONG on the Jandy installation instructions (water flow up good, down bad)!

Upon removing the cap on the existing Ortega check-valve, all I hear is gurgling; I do not see any water backing up the line from the spa. I don't really understand what is happening; but with the Ortega check-valve closed, the gurgling stops (obviously). So, wouldn't the Jandy do the same thing or would gravity, etc. cause the Jandy seal to open because it is in the wrong orientation?

Regardless, I have shopped for an Ortega replacement but the cost is outrageous and I would think something better than that would be available today. Any suggestions on what I should do?

Thank you.

TSH Tech

Ortega Check-Valve Replacement

Postby TSH Tech » Mon 28 Jan, 2013 03:00

When the spa is higher than the pool, check valves stop the water from draining out of your spa when the filter system turns off.

Ortega check valves are older 1980's tech, usually do not see them anymore in the industry. Replacement parts are expensive because they're simply not a normally stocked item. Most pool techs like myself cut them out and just replace them with either generic spring loaded PVC check valves or the Jandy spring loaded check valve, depending on the job.

For your job, it appears a gravity type flapper check valve is not going to work in your scenario. You need a spring loaded check valve so gravity does not become an issue. Just plumb it to match the water flow direction of the pipe you are working to repair/replace and you're done!

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