Remotely controlled pool heater

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Remotely controlled pool heater

Postby Tonyb » Mon 04 Feb, 2013 23:20

I am looking for a 50,000 to 100,000 BTU natural gas pool heater unit that has the ability to have temperature remotely controlled. Heater will be outside but swimspa is indoors.

Any help greatly appreciated


Remotely controlled pool heater

Postby markwimbush » Thu 21 Feb, 2013 19:22

do you have winter where you live?

If so, this is not a good plan. An outdoor heater in a winter climate will leach the heat from your pool and burn more gas to compensate. Pool heaters use a water pressure switch to prove that there is water flow. The pressure switch is attached to a tube that is not heated, and will freeze. I have seen this done and been involved in correcting it. Not a good plan.

to answer your question:

if you purchase a Jandy Aqualink control system it will interface with a jandy heater. The control system will allow you to have a remote temperature sensor.
There are DIY solutions that will also work, but I wouldnt recommend them as they will not give sustainable long term satisfaction

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