Pool leaking ?

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Pool leaking ?

Postby georgiaboy65 » Tue 05 Feb, 2013 13:45

Water in my in-ground pool is dropping when the temperature drops. During the summer the drop is normal, about 1" a week in hot weather. I have a solid, retractable safety cover on it and closed it the end of September. From then until around the middle to end of December the level drop, maybe 2". Since then we have had some cold periods and the level has dropped about 4" to 5". This is about the third year it has done this. Temperature stays warm, level stay up. Temperature drops, level drops. A couple of years ago the winter was very cold and the level dropped about 10" to 12 " within a couple of months.

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Pool leaking ?

Postby ChuckGeo » Wed 06 Feb, 2013 15:38

I assume that you have the pump & filter in operation over the winter and that during cold weather, below freezing, it runs continously. I'd recommend that you take a couple of water loss tests. Specifically, mark the water level and run the pump continously for 24 hours then measure the loss, next, mark the level and leave the pump off for 24 hours then measure. If the loss is the same either way, there is probably a "structural" leak somewhere in the pool. If the pool looses more water when on than off, there is probably a leak in the return or pressure cleaner line.
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Pool leaking ?

Postby georgiaboy » Thu 07 Feb, 2013 08:23

Actually, the pump is turned off and drained, has been since closed.

Pool leaking ?

Postby georgiaboy » Thu 07 Feb, 2013 08:26

Also, this pool has a vinyl liner.

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