Liner off tracks!

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I'm new here
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Liner off tracks!

Postby NCMau » Tue 05 Feb, 2013 13:52

I built this 52x12 ft pool in 2007 primarily for lap swimming. Up to now I have enjoyed this pool for about 3- 4 months every year. The problem I have now is that a stretch of about 4 ft of the liner is coming out of the tracks, and according to other members, it is not a rare occurrence.
If I can help it, I am not about to spend $2000+ for a new liner while the existing one is still good.
My question is: If I would partially drain the pool when it is time, will I be able to bring the liner up and secure it? I personally don't have any hopes for this option because the liner seems to be too stiff and during the warmer weather I don't think it would be much different.
I guess if I am not able to raise it up, I am going to screw it using washers or long stainless steel strips to the 4x4 wall. This maybe a little eye soar but it would be better than blowing 2 grands specially since the liner is still in good shape.
Maybe you you guys have a better suggestion… I have an open mind.
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TSH Tech

Liner off tracks!

Postby TSH Tech » Sat 09 Feb, 2013 03:56

I never like to make assumptions, but I'm going to assume the following is correct:

- This pool is a beaded liner pool
- This liner is coming on 6 years of age

Vinyl liners typically pop out of their beads as they age. Usually this can fixed with plastic shims to ensure the bead doesn't pop out again. In all my experiences, I've actually seen copper coins wedged in between the bead track and the liner bead. I guess that depends on what is aesthetically pleasing to the pool owner to see coins jammed in the bead track.

You definitely want to work with the liner in the warmer months. Winter time tends to make vinyl rigid and brittle. Definitely not the best time to work with liner then.
Drain the pool down until you have enough play to reset the bead, shim it up until it's secure. Keep an eye out for any other areas of the bead that might look like they want to pop out. Shim it immediately to prevent it from popping out elsewhere. Refill, enjoy your pool.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Liner off tracks!

Postby Poolspotpro » Mon 18 Feb, 2013 14:21

I agree with TSH tech. I don't think its a very common occurrence but the liner coming out of the bead does happen. Have you recently drained the pool? There's usually a reason why this happens but I have also seen it come off for no reason. As a pool/liner installer, I've used all kinds of things to keep the bead in the track from coins to plastic shims to stainless washers with great success. My concern though is that it stayed for six years and then acted up. This may mean its time for a new liner as some liners will only last for less than ten years. Nice pool job though! posting.php?mode=reply&f=31&t=11210#Good luck.
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