Suction side issue?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Suction side issue?

Postby darins10 » Mon 25 Mar, 2013 10:58

I'm new to the forums and after searching, I am still unable to troubleshoot my problem.

I can't seem to get my pool vacuum working to what it was a few weeks ago. When I have the water feature on, I get a 15psi and the vacuum doesn't move at all (tiny vibrations in the hose). When the water feature is turned off, I get a 20psi and the vacuum begins sucking, but very little. I don't see any air bubbles in the return side.

I found a leak to my water feature and have fixed that issue. I have looked at and replaced all the o rings (vacuum leaf basket, leaf basket and pump). I also looked at the impeller and it didn't look like there were any obstructions.

Any other thoughts for helping me troubleshoot this issue? The pump is older (5+ years) and the sand in the filter hasn't been replaced in a few years either (5 years). I have a Barracuda G3 cleaner and the hookup is on the side of the pool (a foot under the water). There is one skimmer, two returns, a main drain....

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Suction side issue?

Postby Denniswiseman » Fri 19 Apr, 2013 06:41

Have you tried silicone grease on the "O" ring to the lid of the pump basket. It allows the lid to tighten down more
Even new "O" rings can suck air in from there as it covers a large area
Also check your suction hose as a leak there will affect it

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