Pool flocked but now its cloudy

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool flocked but now its cloudy

Postby majic » Sun 14 Apr, 2013 20:55

Hi, several times in the past since having my pool, I have had problems with cloudy water or algae. I eventually went to the pool shop, after many litres and buckets of chlorine and hair pulling out, and they advised me to add 1L of acid, 2kg granulated chlorine, and 2kg of floc. which I did and has worked every time. 2 days ago I followed this regime as my pool was green and while the water is blue again the floc has not settled and the water is cloudy. I have run out of tester for my pH kit so I am not sure what my pH is at the moment (which makes it difficult to help me I know) but I'm wondering if the pH is low enough then shouldnt that mean the floc will sink and so should I add more acid?
thanks for any helpful suggestions

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